reaching the unreachable with the grace and mercy of the gospel and facilitating others to do the same.

Go and Tell Ministries

Mary K. Yarbrough, Director of Missions, is the founder of Go & Tell Ministries, INC. As a cross-cultural missionary she is dedicated to the facilitation and equipping of those called by God to do the work of the Great Commission which in truth involves many areas of ministry.

Over the years she has demonstrated a high level of commitment as a fervent advocate of reaching the unreached and marginalized people groups around the world. In addition, her years on the field have allowed her to develop her gifts as a teacher by developing curriculum and tracts of study for both lay leadership and seminary programs. Ultimately, Mary is committed to excellence in all that is done in service to the Lord and His Church. 

Mary has both a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, as well as, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Moody Theological Seminary (Chicago, IL). Currently she is pursuing a second Master of Arts degree in Theology from Union Theological College (Belfast, Ireland) in addition to a PhD. in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University (Lynchburg, Virginia).

There are days in our lives that forever stand as markers of significant change in our lives. For me, February 2, 2007 will always be one such day. This was the day that I had been working towards for almost a solid year but more importantly it was the day that the Lord had been preparing and positioning me for more than ten years. This was the day that I would leave my home and all that I had ever known to travel to Matamoros, Mexico to begin my new life serving as a full time missionary.

I came to Mexico for the first time to investigate the possibility of our church sending a short-term mission team to work during the summer. I must tell you though that God had a much bigger plan in mind because from the moment I crossed the border into Mexico my life was completely changed. The only way I know how to describe what happened was that in my heart I felt as if I was at home.

I visited Matamoros three times before I committed to the Lord to come here and serve Him, and in February 2007 I was able to obey His call to this field of service in order to live, work and serve Him. This ministry we call Go and Tell has been placed here to complete two objectives. The first is to minister to those we daily encounter who face the monumental tasks of feeding their families, clothing them, finding medical care, providing adequate housing, education and training and perhaps employment – all with the great hope and prayer that as we attempt to reach out and meet their physical needs they will be touched by God’s grace, love and mercy and be called unto Him. Our second objective is to work with the local churches and national believers to facilitate them to do the work of fulfilling the Great Commission – the work of not only spreading the Word but training disciples who will follow the call of our Lord.

For me – God’s call to serve Him was a process and it took me a long time to finally get to the place He has for me, but through the entire process there has been one constant command and that is the command to Go and Tell - to go and share the love of God - to share the truth of our need for Him - to reach the unreachable with the grace and mercy of the gospel and facilitate others to do the same.

"Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

Founder and Director, Mary K. Yarbrough

Go and Tell Ministries (a non-profit corporation 501(c)3 is rooted in a deep awareness of the power of God to move in remarkable and unusual ways to bring people unto Himself. The story of Go and Tell's beginnings is very much a testament of God's power to transform one life in order to touch many others. The foundation of this ministry is directly linked to the personal journey of its founder, Mary K. Yarbrough. Below is Mary's own reflection of the events that led to the foundation of Go and Tell Ministries...

The Beginning of the Story