reaching the unreachable with the grace and mercy of the gospel and facilitating others to do the same.

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Go and Tell Mexico

A Time of Great Need

For over thirteen years Go and Tell Ministries has worked in a focused manner to reach the Amor Divino  community ... home to the outcasts of Matamoros, Mexico where prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals and child abusers live side by side in abject poverty.

God placed these special people on our hearts and in His providence, has seen fit to provide us an open door of acceptance in this community using the simplest of tools, a hot meal, to provide an in-road of contact and trust.

After the first year of building relationships and sharing meals with the community, we began to hold weekly Bible studies for adults and children and we have seen the Lord grow this group on a  continual basis.  God has grown this ministry because of the enthusiastic prayer support, giving, and participation of individuals and churches both in the United States and in Mexico.