reaching the unreachable with the grace and mercy of the gospel and facilitating others to do the same.

Go and Tell Ministries

Several years ago we came to understand that one part of the vision for the future of the work in Amor Divino is to have a community kitchen. So with that in mind we set out to go each Wednesday and offer free meals and drinks to the people in the street. This was truly a leap of faith because we had no budget for something like this built into Go and Tell and we had no commitments of support for the work either. For five years  now we have gone each week to feed the people of the community and each week the Lord has provided. We went that first week with food for 75 people and literally had to go looking for people to give the food to. And now we are feeding 180 people each week. What has been interesting about this whole work has not been the increase in the number of people we are feeding – it’s good, hot, free food – you would expect to have an increase in the number of people wanting what we have to offer. But what has been interesting to watch have been the things that you can’t measure by numbers or professions of faith or attendance figures. Now the women who at one point in time literally shunned us and made fun of us ‘God-people’ run up to us to embrace and greet us. Now when a man speaks in an inappropriate manner to one of our volunteers the people of the community reprimand him for speaking that way in front of us. Now when there is a dire need due to some sort of illness the people of the community come and take us by the hand to walk us down the street to show us who is hurting and ask us to pray.

So what are we working towards – that answer is easy – seeing people brought into the Kingdom of God. How we are going to get there – that is where the work begins. What do we see as our most pressing need – that answer is also easy – a piece of property with a building to house the center. How are we going to get there – here is most definitely where the work begins. This is a project beyond anything we can accomplish. But in that we find great comfort and an intense level of excitement because we know this is the Lord’s project and we are going to tangibly see Him work in one of the darkest scenarios to bring about radical change in hundreds of peoples live. We most urgently need your prayers and support concerning this work. Of all the areas of ministry we are involved in this is the most pressing. There are people literally dying in front of us that we must reach with the grace and mercy of the Gospel. We are currently praying that we will be able to raise the funds needed to secure one of two available pieces of property in the middle of the community and from there begin to build the center. As God leads you to pray for the work in Mexico please remember the Amor Divino community – pray that we will be able to reach them before they are truly lost forever.

"Our vision…our passion…our dream…for Amor Divino is to have a community center that serves as a beacon of hope and restoration."

We have found that in communities such as Amor Divino a distinct approach to ministry is necessary. The tried and true conventional methods of spreading the Gospel have not in the past brought about what we would deem as tremendous results. Taking into consideration the demographics and socioeconomic factors involved, the past history of the work in this area, recent events and so on – all of this combined with a tremendous amount of prayer – we have been brought to a place of understanding what we believe is God’s direction for the future of the work in Amor Divino. God has given us a vision for a ministry to get past the invisible walls of the hearts of the people that have replaced the once physical walls closing off that community from the rest of the city.

The most basic necessities of life have been withheld from these people for many many years – the basics of education, healthcare, job training and so on. This absence of the things that you and I take for granted has led to a community void of self worth and direction. And all of these factors have led to the choices that so many of them made years ago that contribute to their current situations. We by no means make excuse or rationalize away the choices they have made but we do see how they have come to find themselves where they are.

Our vision…our passion…our dream…for Amor Divino is to have a community center that serves as a beacon of hope and restoration. At the heart of what we believe the Lord is leading us to do is erect a house of refuge and hope where we can provide…..
•    Hot meals on a daily basis through a community

•    Basic classes for reading and writing
•    Computer literacy training
•    Basic trade training for cosmetology, carpentry,

        sewing, and so on
•    After school educational programs for children
•    Healthcare
•    Counseling

These are the unreachable as have been determined by our governments, societies, cultures and at times even the church. But these are who we have been called to reach – those who are identified by the labels of illiterate, mentally ill, drug addict, alcoholic, prostitute and homosexual.  Those of us that have been called to be God’s servants in this place find ourselves in the position of ministering to these precious souls for that is how we see them – souls starving for the life changing redemption found only in Christ.

God has provided us a unique opportunity for ministry in a community that represents everything just mentioned. This community that was once physically separated from the rest of the city by a brick wall is now just as separated from society because of the belief that they are not worth saving. Fortunately we know that we serve a God that came to save all of mankind.  

But how do we reach those that government, society, culture and religiosity have shunned? How do we convince those who have been denied every right and opportunity that we take for granted that there is something better in this world than the existence they are drowning in? How do we convince them that the stories we share about our Merciful Father are in fact more than stories?

Who are the ‘unreachable’ and how do we reach out to them with the love and mercy of the gospel?

The work we have been called to here in Mexico places us in what is often deemed as less than choice social situations. At times we find ourselves in the broken and neglectful homes of some of our children. We are told the incredibly painful stories of childhoods long gone due to indescribable abuse. We find ourselves walking down the street talking with women who work the streets professionally. We look into the eyes of those who are hungry and thirsty. We watch with dismay as addicts inject themselves as their children play underfoot. We witness those suffering from disease who cannot afford medical treatment. We look at those who have so very little and are begging for anything we have to offer.

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